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Calling Name - V7.0


Product Description


Calling Name (CNAM) Service enables you to offer "Caller Identification (ID) with Calling Name Service" to your end-users. With CNAM, end-users with CNAM capable Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) and the Caller ID feature can receive the calling party's name and telephone number to be displayed on their CPE. CNAM allows you to query the Brightspeed Line Identification DataBase (LIDB) and obtain the listed name information for the telephone number being called. LIDB is the database where Brightspeed, and other providers contracting the use of Brightspeed's LIDB Data Storage Service, store their end-user's name and telephone line numbers.


If the calling name is not available and the end-user has not requested privacy, Brightspeed will deliver city and state information.


CNAM Service is a component of Brightspeed's Common Channel Signaling (CCS)/Signaling System 7 (SS7) network. Access to Brightspeed's LIDB/CNAM is provided through Brightspeed's Common Channel Signaling Access Capability (CCSAC) via a CCS Link. You may obtain your connection to Brightspeed's CCSAC either directly through your own SS7 network, or you may contract with a third party, or Hub Provider, to interconnect with the Brightspeed SS7 network. More information about Brightspeed's CCSAC/SS7 network can be found in the CCSAC/SS7 web page.


If you also subscribe to LIDB Storage Service, Brightspeed stores your end-user's name information in LIDB and delivers it to any Caller ID subscriber.


Subscribers to Brightspeed's CNAM Service have access to all end-user's calling name information stored in the Brightspeed LIDB/CNAM database, with the exception of information for end-users who have instructed Brightspeed or their local service provider to block that information. End-users can instruct their local service provider to place a privacy indicator on the calling name information stored in the LIDB/CNAM database. Per Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations, Brightspeed will deliver this customer's caller name information to you and it is your responsibility to program your End Office switch to not deliver this caller name information to your end-user.




CNAM Service is available throughout Brightspeed where CCSAC/SS7 is available.