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Optimize your voice and unified communication with our simple, scalable and cost-effective SIP Trunking service.

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Brightspeed SIP Trunk enables customers to keep their current investment in their call control platform while enhancing their Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) services with capabilities that improve business continuity, offers flexibility to scale services up or down based on the needs of the business and provides a first step toward a full cloud-based communication solution.


Businesses of all sizes are accelerating their transition from legacy voice infrastructure and services to Voice over IP and unified communications and collaboration (UC&C). With Brightspeed SIP Trunking, you can manage your next generation communication solution to enable business performance improvements by increasing customer engagement, enhancing platform reliability and simplifying enterprise communications.

Benefits for SIP Trunks


Increase business continuity with redundancy and the ability to route calls in failover conditions.


Modernize and scale access to the PSTN by purchasing the quantity of sessions you need, when you need them.


Upgrade technology without impacting your limited internal resources for implementation and management.

Enhance operational efficiency 

Simplify administrative and operational management with a single vendor solution, one contract and SLA.

Provide a flexible communications foundation

Leverage your existing equipment to expand your network, scale trunk access based on your business needs and improve business continuity with features that route calls to alternate trunks or telephone numbers in the event of a local service impacting event. Our flexible solution supports the scalability needed to meet changing business environments quickly, without a lot of capital investment, configuration changes or resource commitment.

Minimize cost

Leverage our team of experts to design a customized plan for your organization to streamline enterprise communications, helping you save time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

You can increase or decrease your SIP Trunk sessions to meet the needs of your business. The optional Brightspeed edge device can convert SIP signaling to a PRI eliminating the need for any customer premise equipment upgrades. Brightspeed edge devices can also provide a SIP handoff to your IP PBX, where capable.

Brightspeed SIP Trunk includes local and domestic long distance calling services with the option to add international calling and Toll-Free numbers. The IP-centric Brightspeed network supports SIP and TDM equipment without sacrificing features and benefits. Call quality is maintained as Brightspeed utilizes uncompressed G.711 protocol to transport your voice traffic and a wide array of CODECs including G.729 for voice and T-38 for faxing are also supported.