E-Rate/Rural Healthcare Assistance

Making technology affordable for schools, libraries and healthcare facilities.

Technology to transform the way we learn and work

Put students and medical professionals on a path to success with technology services that fit within your budget. The E-Rate/Rural Healthcare programs can help by providing affordable access to telecommunications for all eligible K-12 public schools, private schools, healthcare facilities and public libraries, particularly those in rural and inner-city areas.


The E-Rate/Rural Healthcare programs are provisions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, historically funded at up to $2.5 billion annually to provide discounts in three categories: internet access, basic maintenance and internal connections hardware.

Learn more about the E-Rate/Rural Healthcare programs and view eligible products and services on the Universal Service Administration Company's website.

Several children sitting at a table while using tablet devices in a brightly lit room.


Quality learning experiences

Quality learning experiences

Continue to support effective knowledge building despite ongoing budget cuts.

Easy access to technology

Easy access to technology

Prepare students and healthcare professionals with the connectivity resources they need to succeed.

Maximized savings

Maximized savings

Save on telecommunications so you can gain spending options and optimize budgets.

Features and specs

  • Data, internet, and managed solutions for institutions that need cost-effective, efficient technology and services
  • Unique Service Provider Identification Numbers for each geographic area

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  • Public elementary and secondary schools
  • Nonprofit elementary and secondary parochial and private schools
  • Public libraries
  • Many private nonprofit libraries accessible to the public
  • Rural healthcare organizations
  • Consortia that are 50% rural

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Service Provider Identification Numbers

All service providers participating in the E-Rate/Rural Healthcare programs must have unique Service Provider Identification Numbers (SPINs) to help expedite payments. These SPINs are used on all FCC Forms used to file for funding through the E-Rate or Rural Healthcare programs.


CenturyLink CenturyTel of Alabama (Northern and Southern): 143025535

Gulf Telephone Company: 143001545


CenturyTel of Mountain Home, Inc.: 143002267 

CenturyTel of Arkansas, Inc.: 143002264 

CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc.: 143002276 

CenturyTel of Redfield, Inc.: 143002271 

CenturyTel of Russellville: 143022333 

CenturyTel of Siloam Springs: 143022333 

CenturyTel of Mammoth Spring: 143022332 

CenturyTel of Jacksonville: 143022332

Coastal Utilities, Inc.: 143001455

Gallatin River Communications, LLC: 143015284

CenturyTel of Odon, Inc.: 143001750

CenturyTel of Central Indiana, Inc.: 143001730

United Telephone Company of Indiana, Inc.: 143005254

Embarq Missouri - dba United Telephone of Southeast Kansas: 143005250

United Telephone Company of Eastern Kansas: 143002285

United Telephone Company of South Central Kansas: 143002285

United Telephone Company of Kansas: 143002315

CenturyTel of South Arkansas, Inc.: 143002276

CenturyLink of Louisiana, LLC (fomerly CenturyTel of Evangeline, LLC): 143001594

CenturyTel of Midwest - Michigan, Inc.: 143001690

CenturyTel of Michigan, Inc.: 143001707

CenturyTel of Northern Michigan, Inc.: 143001710

CenturyTel of Upper Michigan, Inc.: 143001702

CenturyTel of North Mississippi, Inc.: 143001613

CenturyTel of Russellville: 143022333

Spectra Communications Group, LLC: 143022331

CenturyTel of Belle-Hermann: 143025536

CenturyTel of Southern Missouri: 143025536

CenturyTel of Southwest Missouri: 143025536

CenturyTel of Central Missouri: 143025536

Embarq Missouri (Northern and Southern): 143005250

United Telephone of New Jersey, Inc.: 143001361

Mebtel - Mebane: 143001492

Mebtel - Milton/Gatewood: 143001492

Central Telephone Company - North Carolina: 143001485

Carolina Telephone and Telegraph (Central and East): 143001484

CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc.: 143001667

United Telephone Company of Ohio: 143001680

CenturyTel of Russellville: 143022333

CenturyTel of Siloam Springs: 143022333

The United Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, LLC: 143001394

United Telephone Company of the Carolinas, LLC: 143001509

CenturyTel of Claiborne, Inc.: 143001626

CenturyTel of Adamsville, Inc.: 143001623

CenturyTel of Ooltewah-Collegedale, Inc.: 143001636

United Telephone Southeast, LLC - Tennessee: 143001420

CenturyTel of Port Aransas, Inc.: 143002447

CenturyTel of San Marcos, Inc.: 143002452

Company Name State SAC SPIN CenturyTel of Lake Dallas, Inc.: 143002438

Central Telephone Company of Texas: 143002445

United Telephone Company of Texas, Inc.:  143002432

Central Telephone Company of Virginia: 143001418

United Telephone Southeast, LLC - Virginia: 143001420

CenturyTel of Wisconsin, LLC: 143001801

CenturyTel of Southern Wisconsin, LLC: 143001823

CenturyTel of Fairwater-Brandon-Alto, LLC: 143001792

Telephone USA of Wisconsin, LLC: 143022669

CenturyTel of Central Wisconsin, LLC: 143022671

CenturyTel of Forestville, LLC: 143001796

CenturyTel of Larsen-Readfield, LLC: 143001803

CenturyTel of Monroe County, LLC: 143001812

CenturyTel of Northwest Wisconsin, LLC: 143001836

CenturyTel of Northern Wisconsin, LLC: 143001842

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Northwest): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Cencom): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Platteville): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Thorp): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Casco): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Wisconsin (Wayside): 143001819

CenturyTel of the Midwest-Kendall, LLC: 143001820