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Get reliable internet that will keep you connected to what matters most.

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From our installation technicians to support teams, we’re committed to providing the very best experience for you. 

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We’re bringing you a dependable WiFi experience. Plus, we’re building a new Brightspeed Fiber network with ultrafast speed. 

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We’re all for straightforward bills, easy-to-understand plans, and internet that just works. 



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Always on, always reliable.

Brightspeed Internet starts at $50/mo*

  • speeds up to 20 Mbps
  • connect up to 2 devices at once
  • browse, email, and shop
  • stream music
  • stream SD video (6 Mbps and up only)

*Plus taxes. Autopay required. Install and router charges may apply.

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Ultrafast, reliable and secure.

Brightspeed Fiber Internet starts at $59/mo*

  • speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • connect up to 20 devices at once
  • browse, email, and shop
  • stream music
  • stream Ultra HD 4K video
  • connect smart devices
  • work and learn from home
  • game online competitively

*Plus taxes. Autopay required. Limited availability in select areas.

Product terms.
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Get our 1 Gig plan for only $79/mo.*

And, be eligible for a $200 Brightspeed Prepaid Mastercard®. Offer terms.

*Plus taxes. Autopay required. Speeds up to 940 Mbps. Applies to Brightspeed Fiber Internet product in select areas. Limited time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Many internet speeds and technologies require the expertise of a trained technician to install properly. If this is the case, a tech will ensure all equipment is properly configured to make sure your connection works the way it should.


If you have the option to self-install your Brightspeed home internet, reference these detailed instructions on how to setup your modem and start internet service.

When you order online, you will see a note during the order process if bringing your own modem is an option. However, if you have Brightspeed internet service, you will get the best experience and performance by using certified Brightspeed equipment. Why? Our modem/router combo equipment is tested and optimized for maximum performance on the Brightspeed network, is easy to set up, and comes with free 24/7 tech support.


If you have an older Brightspeed modem or would prefer to use your own modem, check our modem compatibility page to see if your equipment will work with our services.

Brightspeed offers unlimited data on all internet plans including Fiber Internet, which is our fastest speed offering. Additionally, we do not charge for overages, whereas some of our competitors begin to charge in excess of 10 GB of data.

You can find out more about Brightspeed services in our Terms & Conditions.

Upload speeds often vary along with download speeds. With many high-speed internet services, the download speed is faster than the upload speed. You can find out the real-time upload and download speeds of your Brightspeed home internet using our Internet Speed Test.


If you need a faster upload speed, consider switching to Fiber Internet. Brightspeed Fiber Internet offers symmetrical upload/download speeds, up to 940 Mbps each. Speed may not be available in your area.

Brightspeed keeps things simple. Internet by Brightspeed always includes unlimited data without any annual contract. Plus no bundling requirements, and no introductory prices that expire after a few months.

As with all internet service providers, Brightspeed internet installation times vary depending on your services and location. When you start a new service order, you will see currently available installation timeframes.

Brightspeed Internet Service

1. Self install kit is available at no cost if you choose to install the modem yourself.

2. Installation by a professional technician is available for a one-time charge of $99.

Fiber Internet Service

1. Up to 100 Mbps: Professional installation by technician is required for a one-time charge of $99.

2. Greater than 100 Mbps: Professional installation is included at no extra charge.