Online security and fraud prevention

At Brightspeed, we highly value our customers’ security, and we want to make your online experience safe and enjoyable. While Brightspeed takes immense precautions in identifying and preventing fraudulent behavior on the web, we encourage our customers to remain alert as well and be on the lookout for fraudulent online activity. One common form of digital fraud affecting many companies today is "phishing." Phishing is a type of scam in which a person, posing as a representative of an organization, obtains confidential information from customers through websites, emails. The unsuspecting individual believes they are complying with a request from a business they wish to do business with, and may not realize for several days that their private information has been compromised. Please remember that Brightspeed will never contact you via email or phone to get your personal information, including your social security number or your credit card number.

Please review and follow these important precautions when conducting business online:

  • If you find yourself on a website you did not intend to visit, you may have clicked a phishing link. Click the “Back” button on your web browser to try to see which page you were on previously, and look for suspicious links. DO NOT click any further links on the suspicious page, and never download anything from a page you don’t trust.

  • If you receive an email asking to confirm confidential or personal information about your account, or with an urgent request for financial assistance, there is a good chance it is a phishing email. Never send financial details over email. Check the email address carefully and try to verify the sender’s identity (such as finding the correct contact number online and calling them directly) before replying. When in doubt, do not reply to the email and do not click any links sent in the email.

If you already provided a credit card number on a website or through email, and believe it may have been a scam, Brightspeed suggests that you contact your credit card company or any of the three major credit bureaus immediately, and sign up for a credit monitoring service. These fee-based services will automatically notify you whenever your credit record is accessed.

Equifax: 888-766-0008
Experian: 888-397-3742
TransUnion: 800-680-7289


If you believe you have been contacted by someone posing as a Brightspeed employee, or if you think you have given personal information through a fraudulent website posing as a Brightspeed website, please contact Brightspeed immediately to report the incident.


Brightspeed General Contact: 833-692-7773

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