Service Agreements

Retail Telecommunication Service Agreements (or Standard Terms and Conditions/End User Agreements)

The terms and conditions for personal/residential and business products and services can be found in our Tariffs, Catalogs, Price Lists, Schedules, Service Agreements, Guidebooks, Terms and Conditions (T&C) and associated documents. Links to the various documents and sites are outlined below.


If you receive a tariffed business or residential service, the Tariff governs the provision of your service. Tariffs for regulated products and services are filed with and approved by the appropriate jurisdictional Utilities Commission and serve as the contract between the Brightspeed affiliate(s) and you for Commission regulated services set out in the tariffs.


Catalogs, Price Lists, Schedules, Guidebooks and associated documents contain the terms and conditions for detariffed and most deregulated services. Detariffed services are subject to reduced regulation but remain under Commission oversight for, among other things, customer complaint resolution. Deregulated services are not under the jurisdiction of a Utilities Commission.


If you receive a detariffed or deregulated business service pursuant to a signed contract or other agreement with any Brightspeed affiliate(s) and it is currently in effect, then its terms will govern the provision of that service along with any applicable terms contained in associated documents.


If you receive a detariffed or deregulated business service not covered by a signed contract or other effective agreement (including expired contracts or term agreements that have not been renewed), the applicable non-tariff document governs the provision of your service.


If you receive a detariffed or deregulated residential service, the applicable non-tariff document governs the provision of your service, unless we provided you with a separate set of terms and conditions for the deregulated residential service.


As a user of any of the services or features in the applicable documents, you do not need to sign an agreement, but use of the service(s) constitutes acceptance of, and agreement to the terms and conditions in the document.


The Brightspeed affiliate(s) may change the terms and conditions of your detariffed and deregulated services by adding to or making changes to the applicable documents or separate contract/agreement and giving you reasonable notice of important changes, such as rate increases, instead of filing them with the Commission. The End User Agreements/Service Agreements and "Notice of Terms for Local Service" below contain important information regarding your rights and obligatins for detariffed and deregulated services, including dispute resolution, mandatory arbitration of disputes, and limitations of liability.

End user agreements / Service agreements


CenturyTel of Alabama, LLC
Gulf Telephone Company

United Telephone Company of Indiana, Inc.

CenturyTel of North Mississippi

New Jersey
United Telephone Company of New Jersey, Inc.

Business and Residence: Bona Fide Retail Request Program


CenturyTel of Ohio, Inc.
United of Ohio (Business Only)

South Carolina
United Telephone Company of the Carolinas LLC

Business Feature Packages and Bundled Services
Residence Feature Packages and Bundled Services
United Telephone Company Southeast LLC


Terms of service for certain de-tariffed, de-regulated or non-tariffed services which are not included on this site may be found at:


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