Terms and Conditions for personal or residential service

Tariffs and schedules for regulated services

Tariffs govern regulated local telecommunication services. You can find electronic representations of the tariffs on file with applicable state commissions for regulated services provided by Brightspeed in the tariff library.


Schedules govern regulated intrastate, interstate, and international telecommunication services, and are posted below as required by the Federal Communications Commission.

Terms and Conditions for non-tariffed products and services

Products and services

State-specific Terms of Service — consumer documents

To access the state-specific Local Terms of Service — Consumer documents for Indiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee, please visit the tariff library.


On the tariff library page, you can find these documents by selecting Search Type > By Criteria , then choosing the following drop-down options:

Jurisdiction:Select the state where your service is located
Entity Type:LEC
Entity Name:Select the Brightspeed company providing your service, or choose "All"
Tariff Type:Local

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