Toll-Free Services

Accelerate business communications and customer support with cost-effective, scalable toll-free voice services, robust features and reliable call routing.

Keep customers close with agile voice and routing

Adapt to changing customer demands with flexible, affordable and reliable voice services that include a range of powerful features and enhanced routing to support your contact centers.

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Flexible solutions and pricing

Flexible solutions and pricing

A toll-free number can point to one or more locations using intelligent network databases for routing criteria. The called party pays for the call eliminating any charges to the caller (hence the name toll free). 


Domestic Toll Free:

  • Enables your customers to call you from anywhere in the domestic United States free of charge.
  • Switched toll free termination
  • Brightspeed routes a customer’s toll-free calls to an assigned “point to” number which is generally a Direct Inward Dial telephone number assigned to the customer. Switched toll free provides flexibility as it is not terminated on customer equipment so the “point to” number can be changed as your business grows, moves or to support business continuity should the need arise.


Let us help you pick the toll-free pricing plan that works best for your business and your budget. 

World-class calling and robust features

World-class calling and robust features

Take advantage of the many toll-free features to reliably route calls and maintain business continuity so your customers can always reach you.


  • Alternate Call Routing: Allows customer to have alternate toll-free routing plans provisioned for future implementation. A customer can have up to 20 alternate call plans per toll-free number, ranging from a simple switched plan and/or dedicated route plan with multiple linking features. Each Alternate Call Route plan is a distinct and independent plan. Each plan can have different features and terminating addresses.
  • Day of Week Routing: Allows customer to have toll-free calls routed to different terminating locations based on the day of week.
  • Day of Year/Holiday Routing: Allows customer to have toll-free calls routed to different terminating locations based on the day of year the call is placed. This type of routing is commonly referred to as Holiday Routing.
  • Geographical Routing (GeoRouting): Allows the customer to arrange for calls to a single 8XX service telephone number placed from different groups of originating locations to terminate to different locations. Originating locations may be identified using the NPA, NPA/NXX, NPA/NXX-XXX, state and LATA.
  • Quota Routing: Allows a customer to “real-time” change routing of their toll-free calls based on a quota established for and between multiple terminating points (domestic).
Simple management

Simple management

Streamline services with a single voice and data partner that can support all of your voice needs. 

Features and specs

  • Route calls based on schedule, geographic, ANI, LATA, percentage-allocation, SuperTrunk, in-switch overflow trunk, or alternate call plan
  • Custom pricing plans
  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Comprehensive service level agreements

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