Public Sector

Transform communities from within.


At Brightspeed, we understand the challenges you face from maintaining tight budgets and contracting needs to supporting your constituents. We help you meet these demands by offering high-speed fast, reliable, and affordable internet and Wi-Fi connectivity. Our dedicated support team knows your industry and has the flexibility to create solutions that meet your requirements.

State & Local Government


Brightspeed combines government expertise and trusted technology to help you create meaningful communities.




Making technology affordable for schools and libraries. Using our services, you can put students on a path to success with services that fit within the school’s budget.


Higher Education

Driving student success with IT solutions designed to enhance learning. Our connectivity helps you gain performance, speed, and agility to improve students' concentration and comprehension

Public Safety


Providing reliable connectivity to help you implement a future-proof emergency response system. With Brightspeed, you can help protect the health and safety of your communities.