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Wholesale Ethernet Service


Empower your network. Grow your business.


The world is erupting with advancing technologies, naturally drawing customers toward cutting edge providers. Is your company on the cutting edge? How will you economically extend the reach of your network to meet the increasing demands of your customers?


Let Ethernet Service help your business progress to the next level. Our service was designed with your business demands in mind. Scalability. Efficiency. Cost Savings. Security. Experience. Everything you need to give your customers the quality and satisfaction they deserve.



Benefits of Wholesale Ethernet


Scalability: Our Ethernet service is designed to easily transition your business to the next level. From 10M to 1G, we offer transmission speeds in easily scalable bandwidth increments that grow as you grow.


Versatility: We offer both dedicated point-to-point and point-to-multi-point configurations giving you the ability to extend your network and provide the Ethernet based services your customers are demanding.


Quality of Service: We know every customer has differing needs so choose the service that best fits your business strategy. Choose from Gold, Silver or Best Effort service levels.


Reliability: Rest easy knowing Brightspeed provides a Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) compliant carrier class of service, with the convenience of 24x7x365 network monitoring and expedited trouble resolution.


Efficiency: Carry more intensive applications, send traffic faster and satisfy your customer's needs all while experiencing a smooth transition to Ethernet Service



Compare Service Levels



 (Real-time CoS)

 (Interactive CoS)

  Best Effort
 (Best Effort CoS)   

  Time to Repair  4 hours or less  4 hours or less  Not Applicable
  Network Availability         99.995% or greater  99.95% or greater  Not Applicable
  Latency (two-way)  10 milliseconds or less     20 milliseconds or less     Not applicable
  Jitter  1 millisecond or less  4 millisecond or less  Not applicable
  Packet Delivery/
Packet Loss
  99.995% or greater   99.95% or greater   Not applicable



Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) Availability


  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) or point-to-multi-point service, is available throughout Brightspeed territory. See the Serving Wire Center Disclosure List below for availability.



All rates, terms & conditions are subject to the FCC Tariffs.



Tariff Library



The following ordering procedures apply to EVPL services for Legacy Brightspeed:


  • Brightspeed complies with OBF ASOG ordering guidelines.
  • Brightspeed supports ordering methodology for both stand alone UNI/NNI ports and EVCs, as well as the combo ordering process.
  • NC-NCI Codes