Wholesale: Products & Services

CCDB - Customer Contact Database


Brightspeed's CCDB is a Wholesale customer database that houses pertinent information on customers and distributes customer communications. CCDB provides a central point of contact to access company and their contact information.


CCDB provides the following tools for your data needs:


Brightspeed Wholesale Team Tool (BWTT)
Allows you to access your Account team and Escalation data at Brightspeed.


Brightspeed Wholesale Team Tool - Detailed (Detailed BWTT)  *
Allows you to access your company's contact or contract details at Brightspeed.


Subscriptions Tool
This tool allows you to manage Brightspeed Wholesale customer notifications to your company. It allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe to Brightspeed wholesale customer notices, or make changes to your profile regarding these notices.


 * denotes that the application is secure and needs you to log in. Once you log in to one application you could access other applications without logging in again.