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Traditional Transport (DS1 and DS3)




Product Description


Digital Signal, level One (DS1) service from Brightspeed offers you and your end-user customers a dedicated channel for voice, data and video communications between the premises of your choosing, or between one of your sites and a telephone company hub. It provides a channel for the transmission of digital signals within an approximate bandwidth of 1.544 Mbs.


Brightspeed has a long history as a telecommunications service provider and has experienced teams of associates who install and maintain DS1 services. We monitor the network constantly to detect any service problems or outages. 




Product Description


Digital Signal Level 3 (DS3) service consists of a high capacity channel provisioned for transmission speeds of 44.736 Megabits per second (Mbps) isochronous serial data. DS3 is offered at an electrical interface for single DS3 applications.


This service is used for customers who need to transport large amounts of information between locations and who have the flexibility to configure communications services to meet specific needs to economically optimize networks, such as aggregation of lower speed services, e.g., Digital Signal Level 1 (DS1) (1.544Mbps), onto a high speed digital backbone.


Digital Signal Level 3 (DS3) facility can be channelized to provide 28 DS1 circuits with the multiplexing ability to enable a platform for voice, video, or data services. This advanced; digital communications solution is designed and deployed to support applications where high bandwidth and fiber-optic reliability are necessary. 


Optical and electrical interfaces for DS3 capacity services (Capacity 2 - Capacity 36) have been grandparented in the Brightspeed Operating Companies Tariff F.C.C. No 11.


Digital Signal Level 3 (DS3) is available where facilities exist.