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8XX Database Query Service


Product Description


Brightspeed 8XX Database Query Service is an originating service that forwards your end user's dialed 8XX-NXX-XXXX calls to a toll carrier based on the dialed 8XX number. When an 8XX call is originated by your end user, your Service Switching Point (SSP) Signaling System 7 (SS7) equipped end office sends an 8XX query to the Brightspeed 8XX Service Control Point (SCP) through the Brightspeed Signaling Transfer Point (STP). The Brightspeed SCP performs the carrier identification function based on the dialed digits to determine the toll carrier trunk group to which the call should be routed in accordance with the SMS/800™ database information residing in the Brightspeed SCP. The SCP transmits results of the carrier identification function, including the Carrier Identification Code (CIC) and any vertical feature(s) associated with the 8XX number, back to your SSP through the Brightspeed STP.


Alternatively you may send the call unqueried to the Brightspeed access tandem. Brightspeed will do the query and you will be billed for the query.


Call routing information in the SMS/800 database reflects the desires of the owner of the 8XX number as entered in the SMS/800 database by its chosen Toll-Free Responsible Organization (Resp Org). The cost of the 8XX Database query will be billed to the CLEC whose switch launched the 8XX database query.


Customer Responsibilities


You must order access to the Brightspeed local STP (links and ports) prior to, or in conjunction with, 8XX Database Query Service.


Also, you must issue an Access Service Request (ASR) for 8XX Database Query Service Options Activation.




8XX Database Query Service is available where facilities exist throughout Brightspeed.