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Access to Emergency Services (911/E911)


Product Description


Access to Emergency Services, Basic 911 and Enhanced 911 (E911) Emergency Service provides the capability to route end-user calls to an emergency service bureau or the Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), by dialing the 3-digit universal emergency telephone number 911. Brightspeed'" provides access to emergency services and access to 911/E911 service according to the terms of your Commission-approved Interconnection Agreements.


Basic 911 Service


Basic 911 service provides routing of all 911 calls originated from telephones within a local exchange switch to a single PSAP. Basic 911 service may be provided in areas where E911 service is not available.


Enhanced 911 Service


E911 provides additional selective routing flexibility for 911 calls. E911 uses end-user data contained in the E911 database to determine routing to the appropriate PSAP. The E911 database provides the PSAP with the name and street address of the calling party. The database must be updated when an end-user changes local service provider, Telephone Number (TN), name, or street address.


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