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Wholesale Local Voice (WLV) - Business and Residential - V1.0


Product Description


Wholesale Local Voice (WLV) products provide local exchange telecommunications services to end-users on behalf of Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). General information about WLV can be found in the Wholesale Local Voice (WLV) – General Information PCAT.


WLV Business and WLV Residential products are finished services requiring neither CLEC collocation nor other CLEC network involvement, and are combinations of the following network elements


  • A 2-Wire Analog (Voice Grade) Unbundled Local Loop as shown in the Wholesale Local Voice (WLV) – General Information PCAT.

  • An Analog Line Side Port, including Local Switch Usage and any optional switch features (Local Switching Network Element), and

  • Shared Transport




WLV products are available where facilities exist throughout Brightspeed.


Terms and Conditions


Centron service(s) to WLV Business or WLV Residential, the appropriate WLV Conversion NRC will apply. When you convert existing Centrex 21 service to WLV Business, the WLV Business Conversion NRC will apply.



To get started, please contact carrieragreements@brightspeed.com.