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Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement


Product Description


The Brightspeed Wholesale Broadband Service Agreement (WBSA) is the contractual name for wholesale, broadband services purchased for resale to your end user customers. It is a non-regulated product under a commercial agreement that is available to any Wholesale Customer.


With WBSA, Wholesale Customers will have access to Brightspeed's latest deployment of Ethernet-based ADSL2, VDSL2, and GPON transport technologies. The Customer will experience the quality of Ethernet based transport with Brightspeed Broadband services, providing faster data transmission over copper, bonded copper or fiber technologies. Brightspeed can provision (depending on the specific market) download speeds up to 940 Mbps downstream to those qualified business end user locations as determined by Brightspeed's standard qualification process.


WBSA is only available as a standalone data service and is not sold in conjunction with any other Brightspeed service including voice and 911. Voice services are not part of the WBSA agreement and can only be ordered through an Interconnection Agreement (ICA).


Value Proposition


  • Available to any Wholesale Customer at download speeds up to 940 Mbps
  • Serves both business and consumer subscribers at all qualifying service addresses in all Brightspeed ILEC local markets at competitive prices
  • Flexibility to expand your market reach and enable the delivery of your SD-WAN, Wi-Fi first Mobile service, or OTT video service
  • Incremental new revenue and profit with no Cap Ex
  • Brightspeed certified modems and on-site technician installations
  • Self-Serve Portals for single and bulk qualification, ordering, and order status
  • Brightspeed upstream IP