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The world is erupting with advancing technologies, naturally drawing customers toward more advanced solutions. Brightspeed is there to meet those needs with solutions like SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) that is designed to meet customer requirements and integrate with a full range of Brightspeed services.


Let SONET help your business progress to those advanced solutions. Our SONET services are designed to tailor the service to meet your needs and your business plans. Whether transport of voice, data or video transport is needed, SONET meets those needs.


The following ordering procedures apply to SONET services for Legacy Brightspeed:


  • Brightspeed complies with OBF ASOG ordering guidelines.
  • Brightspeed supports ordering methodology for both SONET Point-to-Point and SONET Rings.
  • If a specific order example is needed for your company, please contact your account manager.
  • NC-NCI Codes

SONET Availability


  • SONET services are available throughout Brightspeed territory. See the electronic representations of Brightspeed’s tariffs on file with commissions at our Tariff Library:


Tariff Library



Brightspeed OptiPointSM utilizes the Brightspeed fiber-optic network and Brightspeed Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) transmission equipment to provide you and your end-user customers highly reliable, ultra high-speed connectivity. Brightspeed OptiPointSM provides an efficient and economical means for transporting data, voice, and video.


Brightspeed offers flexible OptiPointSM configuration options so you can take advantage of cost savings and network efficiencies. This service includes network monitoring capabilities that automatically activate in case of failure, enabling you to reduce downtime and lost revenue.


With Brightspeed OptiPointSM, you may:

  • Reduce costs through network efficiencies.
  • Protect your customers from network downtime.
  • Tailor the service to suit your needs and business plan.
  • Vastly improve the speed and reliability of communications transmissions.


Features & Benefits


  • Fiber optics and SONET technology - offer a reliable way to transport data, voice, and video at ultra-high transmission speeds. This increased capacity helps you meet your customers' demand for bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Network monitoring capabilities - protect you and your customers' from downtime and lost revenue due to equipment failure.
  • Standard optical interfaces - reduce costs and allows more flexibility in provisioning the service with equipment from various manufacturers.
  • Standard optical interfaces - reduce costs and allows more flexibility in provisioning the service with equipment from various manufacturers.
  • Bit rates - available in OC3 (155.52 Mbps), OC12 (622.08 Mbps), OC48 (2488.32 Mbps) and OC192* (9953.28 Mbps) terminating bit rates.
    *Available in certain markets.


Product Details


Brightspeed OptiPointSM is a SONET-based, fiber-optic, point-to-point synchronous data transmission service available at OC3 (155.52 Mbps), OC12 (622.08 Mbps), and OC48 (2488.32 Mbps) terminating bit rates. Brightspeed OptiPointSM provides an efficient solution for transporting complex audio; motion video; numerical, graphical and textual data; and voice communication between locations and enables high bandwidth capacity using SONET technology over the Brightspeed fiber-optic network. Additionally, this service offers maximum transmission speed with a standard optical interface, and makes flexible design alternatives and bandwidth allocation possible.


Brightspeed OptiPointSM provides electronics that automatically activate in case of primary electronics failure. A point-to-point service, Brightspeed OptiPointSM provides for four fibers in the same sheath. You have the option of providing compatible terminating equipment at your premises for a reduced rate, and OptiPointSM can be configured in a variety of ways, based on your requirements.


Brightspeed OptiPointSM is available with month-to-month, and one-year pricing options. 


Business Applications


  • Allows for the transport of voice, data and images at ultra-high speed transmission rates.
  • Creates network efficiencies and cost savings for businesses with multiple lower speed services between two locations.
  • Provides vastly improved reliability of communication transmissions.
  • Delivers the reliability and stability of the Brightspeed network, without a significant investment in new fiber.



Brightspeed SONET OC RingSM Service (SOCR) transmits reliable data, voice, image and video traffic over a dedicated high-capacity, SONET-based network. SOCR employs fiber-optic and Brightspeed Synchronous Optical Network (SONET) ring technologies to provide your end users with ultra high-speed connectivity and fail-safe, state-of-the-art reliability. This is handled more efficiently and economically than traditional linear access services.


With SOCR, the data travels through a self-healing ring between your designated locations and the Brightspeed central offices. Should a problem occur in the network, the traffic automatically reroutes without an interruption in the transmission.


An experienced team of Brightspeed associates coordinates the provisioning of each SOCR, and our service performance guarantees provide you with peace of mind. If the SOCR fails for one minute or more, you will be credited 100% of the monthly recurring charges associated with the affected facilities and month of the interruption.


With our SONET OC Ring Service, you may:


  • Offer the high-speed capability your customers are seeking.
  • Protect your customers from network downtime.
  • Tailor the service to suit your needs and business plan.
  • Vastly improve the speed and reliability of your communications transmissions.
  • Extend your primary SOCR with our cost-effective subtending ring.


Features & Benefits


  • A reliable network - protects you from downtime and lost revenue by automatically rerouting traffic if a network problem occurs.
  • Flexible configuration options - meet your needs today and provide room for growth.
  • Ultra high-speed connectivity - meets demand for increased capacity caused by bandwidth-intensive applications.
  • Interworking of transmission products from multiple vendors - allows you to take advantage of cost savings and network efficiencies.
  • Flexible pricing - Month to month and  one-year pricing structures are available, allowing for budgeting flexibility. Installation charges do apply to month-to-month and one-year pricing agreements.


Product Details


Brightspeed SONET OC Ring Service (SOCR) provides facility redundancy and fault-tolerance in the event of a facility or equipment failure. SOCR is a dedicated bandwidth SONET ring-based service, utilizing 2-Fiber Unidirectional Path Switched Ring or 2-Fiber Bidirectional Line Switched Ring network architecture.


SOCR consists of a minimum of two nodes. You must have at least one premise node and at least one Brightspeed central office node on each ring. SOCR consists of your nodes and central office nodes, custom bandwidth configuration options at each node, and node connection facilities, including local channels, alternate central office channels, intra-office channels, inter-office channels and your direct node connections. The maximum number of nodes on a ring is only limited by technological considerations. Adding a subtending ring can extend your SOCR service by allowing you to share nodes on your existing primary service. Subtending rings are available on OC12 and OC48 primary rings.


While SOCR provides secure dedicated bandwidth to your end user locations, some sharing of transport and electronics may occur. You can enter or exit the ring service at nodes of your choice at the DS1, DS3, STS1, OC3, OC3C, OC12, OC12C, OC48 and OC48C levels. Nodes can be ordered at OC3, OC12, OC48 and OC192 speeds. The OC192 speed utilizes 2-fiber, bi-directional line switched ring (BLSR) topology.


SOCR is currently offered in Brightspeed franchised areas of Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Wyoming. OC192 are currently only tariffed in Florida, Nevada and North Carolina.


Business Applications


  • Allows you to provide high-speed service to customers whose voice, data and image requirements could benefit from the high-capacity SONET-based network.
  • Provides a survivable network. Should a problem occur, traffic is automatically rerouted without interruption.
  • Gives you the peace of mind of being part of the world-class Brightspeed network.