How to know if AutoPay has started

You've enrolled in AutoPay, or at least you think you have. What happens next? How do you know if everything is working correctly?

Confirmation email

If you enrolled online, you should receive an email confirming that you successfully signed up. If you didn't, do the following:


  • Check your spam (or junk) folder for the email. 
  • Sign in to your Brightspeed account, and confirm we have your correct email address.
  • Review the AutoPay enrollment procedure to be sure you completed all the steps.


If you can't figure out the problem, just contact us.

Check My Brightspeed and your bill

AutoPay should take effect on your next billing cycle. Keep paying your bill normally until you see a message in My Brightspeed or on your bill indicating AutoPay is taking care of your payments automatically.


In My Brightspeed, you will see a message similar to: "You've signed up for AutoPay." 


In the My Brightspeed app, your home screen will display whether or not you're enrolled in AutoPay.


On your bill, you will see: "Your account is on AutoPay" or "Thank you for using AutoPay." 


If you don't see a message in My Brightspeed or on your bill, AutoPay isn't working yet and you need to keep paying your bill normally.

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