Taking care of a late payment

Do you worry about making your bill payments on time? There are several options to think about.

If the due date is drawing near

The greatest methods for paying your payment quickly and having it appear on your account right away are to pay online or via our automated phone system to pay online or via our automated phone system


Please be aware of the following exception: If you pay by phone on a weekend or federal holiday, your account will be updated the next business day. This can lead to a late payment, depending on when your payment is due.

If you are unable to pay the entire bill immediately

Consider setting up a payment arrangement. Use our Payment Plan Tool to split your bill into up to three payments. There will be late fines applied if you pay less than your entire balance without establishing a payment plan. If you keep a balance unpaid for too long, your services can be terminated.

If you make a late payment

You will incur a late fee if you submit the amount after the deadline. We will send you a late payment notification if your account remains unpaid, and eventually your services will be suspended and potentially canceled.

Late fees

You will be charged late fees if your payment is received after the due date. Late fees vary based on the type of service and your location. They can be a flat $5 fee, a percentage of the total amount owed, or a mix of both.

We’ll let you know

We'll mail you a notification when your bill is past due, and if it isn't paid, we'll also make an effort to call you.


When you attempt to log on if you have Brightspeed internet service, you will receive a "past due" message with directions to make a payment.

Whenever a service is halted or disconnected

Public Utility Commissions (PUCs) in every state control when services may be disconnected. That implies that depending on where you are, the timeframe for service suspension differs.


Accounts that are past due are first suspended, then disconnected. Normally, services that have been suspended are restored 24 hours after the payment has been paid. A technician visit to reactivate your connection may cost money and take longer to complete if your service has been disconnected. In some cases, you may be asked to pay a security deposit to get service re-connected following non-payment.

Quick bill pay

Make one-time bill payments online. No sign-in required.


Download the Brightspeed Internet app to manage your account.

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