Unauthorized third-party charges on your bill

Third-party charges are charges billed from non-Brightspeed-related companies. These companies provide a product or service, and then charge you through your Brightspeed bill. Sometimes these charges are completely legitimate, and something you agreed to.  Sometimes they are not something you authorized, and in those cases Brightspeed is here to help. You can contact Brightspeed and request, at no charge, a bill block that will prevent some of these third party charges from appearing on your bill.  You can also ask for unauthorized charges to be removed from your bill.


What kinds of third-party charges might you see?  Some examples of these charges are long-distance services from non-Brightspeed providers, charitable contributions, or correctional facility calls.  In order for these charges to be valid a customer must accept or approve them.

Where to find third-party charges on your bill

Third-party charges are found on the first page summary of your bill, under the section titled "Other Companies" or "Third Party Providers." The charges will then be explained in more detail on the last pages of the bill.


You can contact Brightspeed to report an unauthorized third-party charge that appeared on your bill, and Brightspeed will remove the charges. You can have third-party charges blocked by contacting Brightspeed. There is no charge for this service.

What is cramming?

Invalid third-party charges are sometimes referred to as "cramming".  Third-party billers may get a customer’s information from many sources, like information a customer enters into a website, contest entries, coupons, and promotional material that the customer submits to a company. In the event you see a third-party charge that was not authorized, please contact us right away to resolve the issue.

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