Non-telecom services surcharge

This charge is for non-telecommunications products and is only applied to customers who receive Voicemail or Inside Wire Plan, either as a stand-alone product or as part of a Brightspeed bundle.

Why assess a surcharge instead of a rate increase?

Brightspeed instituted a surcharge rather than a rate increase to reduce the number of changes to customers' bills. The surcharge is applied at the customer-account level, rather than on individual services. A surcharge also can be more easily reduced or eliminated if future circumstances permit.

If I have two lines at my home and services eligible for this surcharge on both lines, will I be charged the surcharge twice?


No. The surcharge is assessed one time each month at an invoice level.

Is this surcharge required by the government?

No. The Non-Telecom Services Surcharge is a Brightspeed-imposed surcharge on certain non-telecommunication services, including Brightspeed Voicemail or Inside Wire Plan services.

Can a customer with these services be exempted from the surcharge?

No. The surcharge appears monthly for the duration of the time the account subscribes to Brightspeed Voicemail or Inside Wire Plan services.

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