State Universal Service Fund (USF)

This surcharge helps keep local service rates affordable for all residents of the state, subsidizes specialized telecommunications programs, and provides discounts to low-income families.

Who put it on the bill?

Individual state legislatures can choose to add this charge for Brightspeed customers.

What is it?  Who gets the money?

This surcharge is a funding mechanism for your state's Universal Service Fund (USF).  The largest part of the Universal Service Fund helps fund telecommunications services to the rural, high-cost areas of the state, which helps keep phone services reasonably priced for all residents.


It also provides financial support for specialized telecommunications programs like Relay and Specialized Telecommunications Device Assistance programs for the speech- and hearing-impaired and physically disabled.


Finally, the Universal Service Fund provides assistance to income-eligible customers who qualify for discount service programs.

Also known as:

  • State Universal Service Fund Surcharge (USF)
  • Universal Service-Local
  • Universal Svc
  • Universal Svc:Local Toll
  • Universal Service

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