What are DTS port charges?

For Brightspeed Internet customers, these charges offset the costs associated with flowing high-speed data across the various networks and backbone carriers both nationally and internationally.

Who put it on the bill?

The charges are placed on the bill by Brightspeed based on a ruling by the United States Congress via the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 1983.

What is it?

The DTS (Digital Transport Service) Port is a connection that does not include the facility between the customer's premises and the DTS serving office. The charge is comparable to the ISDN PRI Port charge.


The DTS Port Charge is applied in addition to Subscriber Line Charges (SLC). DTS Port Charges do not represent any new hardware or new service components. They are part of the construct for SLC charge application — 5 SLCs plus a DTS port charge — in accordance with how the charges applied to ISDN PRI circuits.


These charges are mandatory for this service; they are part of the SLC/EUCL (End User Common Line) cost recovery structure.

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