To activate your new voicemail account, call 1-833-55VMAIL (1-833-558-6245) from the device associated with your Brightspeed voice service to access your voicemail box.

Brightspeed Voicemail

Migration Notification

Brightspeed has a new voicemail platform.

Brightspeed has a new voicemail platform that supports the same great features as the old voicemail service. The Brightspeed voicemail platform was developed to mirror the previous voicemail system to minimize any changes to our customers. Please see the new Voicemail User’s Guide or view our frequently asked questions for more information. To learn more about the voicemail platform change please read this migration letter.

The legacy voicemail platform that offers services to Brightspeed customers today was not included in the transaction from the previous service provider in the transaction that formed our company. Brightspeed was given a short timeline to select, install and migrate customers to a new platform. Moving our customers from the old platform to our new voice messaging platform will complete the transaction obligation.

There is no additional charge for the new voicemail box.

Brightspeed will create a new voicemail box for all customers with voicemail boxes on any service using the old system.

Brightspeed will create a new voicemail box for all customers with voicemail boxes on any service using the old system.

Dial 1-833-55VMAIL (1-833-558-6245) from the device associated with your Brightspeed voice service to access your voicemail box.

Access to Brightspeed voicemail from anywhere by dialing 1-833-55VMAIL (1-833-558-6245) then enter your telephone number and voicemail pin.

Auto Attendant is also part of the new voicemail platform. For assistance with auto attendant configuration please contact us at 833-692-7773 and select the option for technical support or repair.

Users can reset a voicemail pin if they know their old pin via the Telephony User Interface or through the voicemail portal. If a user doesn’t know their old pin they can call Brightspeed at 833-692-7773 to have the pin reset.

Call Brightspeed support at 833-692-7773.

The old voicemail platform has been decommissioned as of April 30, 2024, so Brightspeed cannot retrieve any messages.

This feature is currently being tested and will be implemented soon.

Are you on a previous voicemail system?

Voicemail is usually included in home phone service. To change your service or features, contact us.

How to configure voicemail

Follow the steps below to access and configure your voicemail.

1. Access the voicemail system

Please dial 1-833-55VMAIL or 1-833-558-6245 to access the voicemail system. Voice prompts will guide you through creating a voicemail PIN, recording greetings, recording a name, and checking voicemail messages.


2. Generate your PIN

The length of your voicemail PIN might range from 4 to 15 digits. You'll need it in the future to access your messages, so be sure to write it down.

3. Name your mailbox

Any name you choose to record is OK. Recording your first name and/or last name is customary.

4. Record a greeting

You have the option of using one of the pre-recorded Brightspeed greetings or recording your own greeting. Follow the system prompts to select your greeting:


Standard greeting with phone number"At the tone, please record your message to [phone number]."


Standard greeting with your name"At the tone, please record your message to [name]."


Record a personalized greeting, up to 3 minutes long. A common template you can follow is: "You've reached [name]. We can't get to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, we'll call you back."


You're done now! Your voicemail on Brightspeed has now been configured. When you pick up your home phone and there is a message waiting for you, you will hear a stuttering dial tone.

Excellent voicemail greeting suggestions

If you decide to record your own personalized greeting, consider these suggestions:

  • Take a few minutes to gather your thoughts, even jot down a few notes, and practice before you record.  


  • Before you start recording, turn off anything in the background that might cause noise. This will ensure your voice is clear and easy to understand.  


  • While clever greetings can be fun, it's worth taking a moment to think about the range of potential callers who may be leaving you voicemail. Consider the tone and image you want to project.


  • Last, but not least, don't worry! If you don't like your recording, you can erase it and re-record as many times as you'd like.

How to reset your voicemail PIN

Call 833-692-7773. A representative will ask you a series of questions to verify your identity, and then will reset your PIN for you.

How to check voicemail

Simply dial 1-833-55VMAIL (1-833-558-6245) from your home phone to retrieve your voicemail. Voice prompts will guide you through the options to check voice messages and save or delete them after listening to them.

Check voicemail away from home

Call home and interrupt your outgoing message with #, *, or 2 (varies by location) to check your messages while away from home, or dial your retrieval number. If you don't have your retrieval number, please contact us to get it.


Any time you're checking voicemail from a phone line that is not your home line, you are required to enter your voicemail PIN. 

Call home and interrupt the greeting

  1. Call your home phone number.
  2. Press # to interrupt the greeting. Note: In some areas, the # key will not interrupt the greeting. Try pressing the key or 2 instead.
  3. Enter your PIN.
  4. Follow the prompts to listen to your messages. 

How to turn off voicemail

If you do not want to use your voicemail and would like to turn it off, please contact us to remove the service from your number. At this time, there is no self-service option for turning off voicemail.

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