Brightspeed voicemail user guide

Use these instructions to set up your Brightspeed voicemail service, create a PIN and access your voicemail, create a password, and record a greeting. 

Please note that these instructions are for voicemail for traditional landline phone service. You can find instructions for Connected Voice digital phone here.

To access your voicemail from home, press *98, *68, or #55 (varies by location) from your home phone. Voice prompts will guide you through the rest of the steps for whatever you want to do.

In most areas, there are two ways to access your voicemail away from home:

  1. Call home and interrupt your outgoing message with #, *, or 2 (varies by location).
  2. Call your access number. If you don't have your access number, you can contact us to get it.


Remember, any time you're checking voicemail from a phone line that is not your home line, you are required to enter your voicemail PIN. Did you forget your PIN? You can reset it.

To set up your voicemail, call the access number from your welcome letter or try #55, *68, or *98. If you don't have a welcome letter, contact us to get your access number.

Voice prompts will guide you through the steps. Take your time. Go ahead and experiment! You can always back up, change or erase anything you don't want.

It can be any number 4 to 15 digits long. Be sure to make note of your PIN, because you'll need it to access your messages in the future. 

Forgot your PIN? Call 833-692-7773 to reset it.

You can also set a new PIN when you know your current PIN. Call your retrieval number from your home phone, enter your current PIN, then follow the system prompts to enter a new PIN.

For instance, "Smith Residence" or "Sam and Pat."

You can record a personal greeting, or you can use one of the pre-recorded Brightspeed greetings. Follow the system prompts to select your greeting:

Standard greeting with phone number: "At the tone, please record your message to [phone number]."

Standard greeting with your name: "At the tone, please record your message to [name]."

Record a personalized greeting, up to 3 minutes long. A common template you can follow is: "You've reached [name]. We can't get to the phone right now, but if you leave a message, we'll call you back."

And you’re done! Your Brightspeed voicemail is now set up. Whenever you have an unheard message, you'll hear a stuttered dial tone when you pick up your home phone.

Check for outages and troubleshoot problems with your home phone or internet service.

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