Choose how your info appears in the phone directory

You can choose how you want your phone directory listing to appear, or even restrict where your information is listed. The information on your directory listing is the same that will appear on caller ID.

You can also have your name removed, at no charge, from lists that we lease to other firms. Unlisted and unpublished telephone numbers are automatically excluded from these lists.

Main listing

As part of your telephone service, your name (last, first, middle), street address and telephone number are included in our printed directory.


You can customize this listing. Consider these options:


  • Replace your first and/or middle name with initials.

  • Omit the city name and/or street address from your listing.

  • Have a "dual surname" listing. This allows people with different last names living at the same address to have both names shown in their listing. Just tell us which last name you want to appear first for the alphabetical sequence of the listing.


There's no charge to customize your directory listing if you do it when you first sign up for service. If you decide you want to make changes later, there is a one-time fee that varies by location.

Unlisted (semi-private)

If you want to be a little harder to find, you can get a semi-private listing. Your name, address and phone number won't appear in the printed telephone directory, but they will still be available through Directory Assistance. 


A semi-private listing will keep your telephone number from being included on lists that we provide to other companies for marketing purposes.


There is a one-time setup charge and monthly fee, varying by location.

Note: Be aware that an unlisted or unpublished listing may not entirely remove your contact information from online directories. If you previously had a phone number that was not private, that information could still be available online.

Unpublished (private)

For more complete restriction of the availability of your contact information, consider a private listing. With this type of listing, your name, address, and phone number are not included in our printed or online directories and are not available through Directory Assistance.


Additionally, your telephone number won't be included on lists that we provide to other companies for marketing purposes.


There is a one-time setup charge and monthly fee for this type of listing.

Limitations of a private listing

Even with a private listing, your contact information will be shared with a select few including:


  • 911 and E911 emergency services
  • Telephone companies for itemized billing and collections

Did you know? Even if you have a private listing, your name and number will still show up on Caller ID. To block your information, dial *67 before you place your call. Your identity will be blocked on the recipient's Caller ID for that call. This service is called "per call blocking." It's available anytime, and there's no charge to use it. If you don't want your number to show up at all, ask us about permanent line blocking.

Note: From time to time, we may contact you with special offers on other privacy-related products or to let you know about other services available from Brightspeed. To remove your name from our calling lists, call us at 833-692-7773.

If you have questions or would like to change your directory listing, contact us. You can also order a new phone book.

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