Fix problems with specific calls

If you're having trouble with some calls (but not all calls) from your home phone — like a call not connecting — try these troubleshooting tips. 

Call from a different phone

Calling from a different phone will help you determine if the number you're calling is the problem, or if there is something wrong with your service. If your call is still not connecting when you try from a different phone, the problem is with the number you're trying to reach. Now you can try these next steps:

  • Call at a different time

  • Dial the number differently — if you've been dialing only seven digits, try adding the three-digit area code, or if you're calling long-distance you might need to add a country code

Note: Sometimes if you dial wrong, you will hear a recorded message. Follow the recorded instructions.

Change your phone settings

If you're only having trouble with automated-help line numbers, your phone probably needs to be changed from Pulse to Tone.

Many phones have a P/T switch located on the side, bottom or back of the unit. If you don't see a switch, check your owner's manual.

Check your calling features

Do you have a calling feature activated that is preventing you from making certain calls? Call Curfew and Dial Lock are two features that can block outgoing calls. You can read more about calling features that block calls.

Problem with long distance calls

Have you narrowed down the problem and discovered it's only with long distance calls? Learn more about troubleshooting problems with long distance calls.

Problem happens with ALL calls or numbers

If you're unable to make any calls, you could have a problem with your service or with your inside equipment. Read more about troubleshooting for no dial tone.

If you're getting an "all circuits busy" message or hearing a fast-busy tone, hang up and try again later. The message is telling you there aren't any free, outgoing lines. This could be due to a service outage. If you continue to receive the message, contact us.

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