How to get phone wiring or jacks repaired

If you need phone wiring or a jack repaired, learn more about who is responsible, and options for getting repairs done, including our Inside Wire Protection Plan.

Who is responsible for what – inside and outside

Generally, equipment inside your home is your responsibility, and equipment outside your home is our responsibility.

If signal isn't getting to your house, then the problem is outside your home. If, however, you have a dial tone on at least one of your jacks — even if it's faint, unclear or intermittent — the problem is most likely inside your home, and your jack(s) and/or inside wiring need to be repaired.

To figure out whether signal is getting to your home, learn how to troubleshoot for no dial tone on your phone.

For repairs inside the home

If you have a problem with your inside wiring, it's your responsibility to get it repaired, including paying for the repairs. It's not required that you have Brightspeed make the repairs — you can hire any experienced professional, or you can do the work yourself if you know how.

Without our Inside Wire Protection Plan, we charge at least $95 to isolate the problem (exact fees may vary based on where you live). If you hire us to do the repair, we waive the isolation fee and only charge you for labor and material costs. Because these fees vary based on what needs to be repaired, we can't give a ballpark figure here. We will provide a written estimate — and a satisfaction guarantee — before beginning work.

Did you know? If you live in an apartment, equipment repair and installation may be included in your rental agreement — which means it probably won't cost you anything. Ask your building manager before you pay for repairs.

Inside Wire Protection plan

With our Inside Wire Protection plan, most repairs are covered with the cost of your monthly subscription.

For a flat monthly fee of $13-$15, you can get a plan that covers inspection and repairs on most inside jack and wiring problems, including:

  • Charges for a technician to visit your home and isolate the problem
  • Fee for a technician to professionally repair/restore your service
  • Cost of materials needed to fix damaged jacks and wiring

You can start a protection plan at any time. Contact us to get set up for immediate coverage of existing jacks and wiring in your home. You can cancel at any time.

Protection plan exclusions

Customers typically find these plans are a good deal and provide peace of mind. To avoid surprises, it's good to understand some common conditions that are not covered by the plan:

  • Installation of new jacks and wiring.

  • Repair of any damages already on the line at the time you started the protection plan.

  • Rewiring of nonstandard jacks and wiring.

  • Inspection, installation, or repair of personal equipment (e.g., telephones, computers, non-CenturyLink certified modems, gaming devices, connector cords, TDD equipment, etc.).

  • Extensive damage due to natural disasters (these repairs are usually covered by homeowner's insurance).

  • Damage due to misuse or neglect caused by occupants, visitors, or animals in your home.

Note: To get the full list of exclusions, you can contact customer service. or read the Inside Wire Subscriber Agreement.

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