How to file a report for a broken or down Brightspeed line

If you see a damaged telephone pole, wire, cable or pedestal, call us at 1-833-MYBRSPD to report the problem.

Inform us of the circumstances

When you contact us, you will be asked for the following information:

  • Whether you are a Brightspeed customer or not
  • Your name and telephone number
  • Which services are affected – telephone and/or internet
  • How the services are affected – noise on the line, no dial tone, no connection, etc.


Additionally, you may be asked to send us:

  • Address, directions and/or landmarks to locate damaged equipment
  • Identifying numbers or marks on damaged equipment 
  • Description of equipment (i.e. Is the wire smaller or larger than a pencil?)
  • Cause of damage, if known – termites, lightning strike, car crash, tree limb, construction, etc.
  • Person/company responsible, if applicable
  • Description of damage – leaning pole, drooping/cut wire, equipment missing door, etc.
  • When damage likely occurred (such as days ago, weeks or months)
  • Any other information – emergency personnel on scene, additional damage imminent

If you want to move or remove equipment

If you need Brightspeed equipment moved or removed, contact us and provide the following information:


  • Your name and telephone number
  • Your service address
  • The best way to reach you
  • Type of request: NID, pole or pedestal/terminal
  • Reason for move or removal, such as installing a driveway or new construction


Upon receiving your relocation request, a representative will contact you within five business days to further discuss your needs and any associated fees.

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