How to move your phone number to a different service provider

You can switch your Brightspeed phone number to a different service, like a cellular provider.

Change your provider from Brightspeed to another

Here's how to transfer your Brightspeed landline number to another carrier:

  1. Contact the other provider and tell them you want to transfer your Brightspeed number

  2. That company will contact us to initiate the transfer – or "port", in our jargon

  3. The new company, or provider, should confirm with you when the transfer has been completed

Note: If you have a freeze on your number, you will need to contact us to have it removed before the new carrier can transfer your number.

Number transfer FAQs

It means you will be able to transfer your local number to a wireless provider. It will then be their responsibility to provide your phone service to that number. All calls placed to your number will be received on your cell phone. Your landline services will be disconnected. In addition, you will no longer receive operator or directory assistance services from Brightspeed and your number will be removed from directory assistance and from future published directories.

Yes. You can transfer your number from wireless back to landline.

No. Brightspeed features and services will no longer be available after you transfer your number. Refer to your new provider for their rates and services.

No. All billing will be the responsibility of the new provider, as well as all customer service and repair services.

You will be responsible for any contract termination charges on any products for which there are contract terms or conditions. Any remaining balances for your canceled services will be due. 

There could be routing issues that occurred during the transfer process. Please contact your new provider to get help with any problems that occur after the transfer.

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