Can't make long-distance or toll-number calls

There are some different blocks that could be placed on a line to restrict or prevent long-distance or toll-number (900) calls.

Calling features

Some calling features block outgoing calls, including Call Curfew and Dial Lock. You can read more about calling features that block calls. If you're calling from a phone that has a block on it, you may be able to deactivate the feature so you can make your call.

Nonpayment block

We typically block long distance service on delinquent accounts. Learn more about what happens if your payment is late.

Account codes

Account codes are used to prevent unauthorized persons from making long distance calls. This type of restriction is most commonly found in the business world, but individuals sometimes request it for residential accounts. If you're dialing from a line that requires a long distance account code (sometimes called a "call-around code"), you'll hear a voice prompt when you try to dial a long distance number. If you set this up on your own home phone line, you would have been given the call-around code at that time. Did you lose your code? You'll need to call customer service to get the code again. If you did not set it up, you can ask the account owner for the code. Follow the recorded instructions to enter the code, and your call should go through. Note that additional charges are applied when using a call-around code.

Long distance and toll restrictions

Businesses such as hotels, hospitals and universities use these blocks to prevent unauthorized long-distance and toll-number calls.

Individuals can also request these blocks for home accounts. Toll blocks are frequently used by customers who are having problems with 800/900 services or who have a history of local calls being billed as long distance.

Restricted toll calls:

  • Domestic long distance (1+)
  • International long distance (011+)
  • Information services (700 / 900 / 960 / 976)
  • Operator Assistance (0)

Unrestricted (non-toll) calls:

  • Emergency (911)
  • Local calls
  • Toll free (800)
  • Directory Assistance (411)
  • Repair (620)

Note: If you have a toll block on your line, you can use a special access number (given to you when you set up the block) to reach a restricted number. The access number is usually an 800 number or a local 950+ number.

International restrictions

As the name indicates, this type of restriction limits your ability to reach international numbers through direct-dialing.

Specifically, it:

  • Restricts calls beginning with 011+ and 101XXXX011+ (direct dialing to other countries)
  • Allows calls placed with an area code (242-XXX-XXXX for example)

Fraud blocks

Our fraud department monitors the Brightspeed long-distance network. In very rare instances, accounts with unusually high usage are flagged and suspended for the customer's protection. Unusually high usage can indicate that someone is fraudulently using your account to make long distance calls. If this happens, you can contact us to review your account and have services reactivated.

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