Ordering your Brightspeed Fiber service and getting it set up

Great news! You've decided to get Brightspeed Fiber. To order your service and get it up and running, follow these steps.

Congratulations on choosing fast, dependable internet with Brightspeed! Once you place your order, you select an installation date and time. Your new service will be installed by a technician during the time you requested. Please check your email for your order confirmation information and more details about what to expect.

Our technician will put in the fiber-optic cable and optical network terminal (ONT), and provide you with your modem. Depending on the type of modem, it may be permanently installed in your residence or office. Then, the tech will run a speed test to ensure you get the best possible internet speed. The whole process will take about 3-4 hours.

In some cases, the fiber optic cable may need to be buried after installation, which will result in a follow up appointment. We will schedule and notify you if this is required.

Important note: Someone 18 or older must be present during the service installation.

Installation costs may vary depending upon the package you purchase. Please see the package options available in your area

Of course! You can reschedule your appointment online by logging into your account and navigating the My Appointments tab. From there, you can change your installation to a time that works for you.

Alternatively, you can give us a call at 1-833-692-7773.

Brightspeed has no contracts, so you’re free to cancel anytime. You can do so by logging in to your account, go to My Appointments, and select "Cancel my appointment." Choose when you want your service to end, and we'll take it from there. You'll get an email confirming your cancellation. If you cancel before your install date, you'll get a refund for your first monthly prepaid charge.

In order to help you set up your account, we emailed you information when you ordered Brightspeed Fiber. Make sure to check your spam folder. If you can't find the email, no problem. Chat with us or call 1-833-692-7773. Please note that your email address is your account username.

Modem costs may vary depending on the package you purchase. Please see the options available in your area.

Brightspeed modems are the latest in high-speed technology and are designed to pair well with our service. We encourage you to use one of our modems for best internet experience and to ensure your modem firmware stays up to date with any upgrades. You can use your own modem and/or WiFi router if together they meet the following requirements:

  • 1 Gbps Ethernet WAN port
  • Ethernet 802.1ad with VLAN tagging on the WAN
  • DHCP with CHAP authentication on the WAN
  • LCP Echo responses
  • 802.11ac and/or 802.11ax WiFi technology
  • Accurate auto-channel selection
  • Ethernet port must transfer data at the same rate as your plan speed


Please also note that using your own modem and router will impact your access to these features:

  • Security features (malware protection, antivirus, and content protection)
  • Access control (allowing or blocking certain devices from connecting at certain times)
  • Wireless optimization (dynamic channel optimization and band steering)
  • Technical support for troubleshooting and repair

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