Brightspeed Digital Voice 911 and Service Limitations.

Your Brightspeed Digital Voice service allows you to dial 911 to reach the Emergency 911 center in your local area, like traditional phone service, but the service differs from traditional phone service in multiple ways.  Here are four key differences about Brightspeed Digital Voice service.

1. Electrical Power. The service and 911 calling require electrical power and will not work during a power outage at your service location. To maintain service during a power outage, a battery backup unit must be installed. If you are interested, Brightspeed can help you obtain a battery backup unit.


2. Broadband Connection. Brightspeed Digital Voice is provided over a broadband network. If your broadband network connection is terminated, disrupted or otherwise impaired, including for non-payment, your Brightspeed Digital Voice service will not function and you will not be able to make 911 calls with this service.


3. Disconnecting Current Service.  If you are porting an existing number from your current phone service, you will not be able to make or receive calls, including return calls from Emergency 911 centers, until your current phone service has been deactivated.


4. Registered Location. With Brightspeed Digital Voice service, the choice of emergency provider handling a 911 call, and the address that emergency provider will see, are linked to your service address on file with Brightspeed.  You must notify Brightspeed via the means we provide to you before you change the physical location of your Brightspeed Digital Voice service.  Digital Voice 911 calling will not work properly if you move before you update your physical location with us and receive  our confirmation.


By checking "I accept", you acknowledge and agree that Brightspeed has advised you of the 911 and service limitations associated with your Brightspeed Digital Voice service, you understand this information, and you accept the voice service with these limitations.

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