Editing a notification setting for a user

After creating a notification setting for a user, you can edit it to change contact information, delivery method, or to activate/disable the setting. If you no longer need a notification setting, you can delete it.

To edit a notification setting for a user:

  1. Click Admin, then Notification Management.

    Control Center lists all notification settings set up for your organization. (To view your personal notification settings, click your username (in the upper-right corner) then click Notification Settings.)
Notification Management
  1. On the row for the notification setting you want to edit, click the  icon.
Edit Notification Setting
  1. Make edits to the notification setting:

    • To change the contact information for the notification setting, edit the email address or phone numbers.

    • To change the delivery method for the notification setting, use the checkboxes in the Delivery Method section to select how you want the user to be notified.

    • To disable this notification setting, click the Disabled radio button in the Status section.

    • To activate this notification setting, click the Active radio button in the Status section.

  1. When you're done, click Save.

    Control Center saves your edits to the notification setting.
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