Creating a custom summary report in Bill Analyst

If our standard summary billing reports don't provide you with the information you need, then you can create a custom summary report. (To view detailed billing reports view a standard detail billing report or create a custom detail billing report.)

Having trouble creating a custom summary report? Learn how to fix errors with your report.

To create a custom summary report:

  1. Click Billing, then click Bill Analyst.
Bill Analyst
  1. Select the radio button next to the account you want to view, then click Launch Bill Analyst.

    Control Center opens Bill Analyst on a new tab.
  1. Click the Reports tab, then click Summary Reports.
  1. Click Add.
  1. To create a new report, do one of the following:

    • Select the Start with a copy of an existing report radio button, then from the Report Name field, select the report you want to copy.

    • Select the Start a new report radio button, then from the Report Type list, select the type of report you want to create.
  1. Click Continue. In our example, we selected the Start a new report radio button.
  1. Type the name of the report, then select a filter from the list (if you want to apply one), then in the Graph View section select the format for the report, either Table or Graph.
  1. Complete the Grouping section:

    1. From the Group list, select how you want to organize the data.

    2. From the Sort By list, select how you want to sort the data in the report.

    3. From the Minimum Value list, select whether you'd like to exclude data that falls below a certain value and the minimum number you want to appear on the report.

    4. From the Subgroup list, select the subgroup to apply to the report.

      If you want to use a secondary set of data to group the data for the report, complete the subsequent subgroup sections with the same parameters as listed above. 

  1. Complete the Subtotals Display section:

    1. Select the Subtotal all tiers, Subtotal at the lowest tier, or Don't display subtotals radio button to select the items to subtotal.

    2. Select either the Show subtotals at top of group or Show subtotals at bottom of group radio button for where you'd like your subtotals placed.

  1. In the Table View section, select the fields you want included in your report by using the > button to move a field from the Exclude list to the Include list. To delete a field, use the < button to move a field from the Include list to the Exclude list.
  1. In the Graph View section, set the parameters for the report. You defined the type of layout above. If you wish to change the layout format, you can do so here. 
  1. In the Additional Options section, if you want to share the report, select the Share this report checkbox.
  1. Click Save.
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