How to view your bill in My Brightspeed

You can view, save, and print your bill any time using My Brightspeed online or the app.

Sign in to My Brightspeed and select Billing from the top menu.

My CenturyLink header menu - Billing

Your current bill is shown by default. You can download and print your current bill or past bills.

Not seeing your bill when you sign in? Here are a few things to check.

How to download and print your bill

To download or print your bill, select the billing date you want from the drop-down menu. Once the bill is displayed, click "Download." Depending on your browser, the bill will either open in a new tab, from which you can save or print, or your computer will automatically download the file.

How to view a past bill

Your current bill is shown by default on the Billing page. You will see the heading "Payment Statements" or "Billing Statements", depending on what type of account you have.

Payment Statements

If you see a Payment Statements section, click on the "Statement Period" drop-down to choose which bill you would like to see.

Prepaid payment statements dates

Billing Statements

If you see a section titled My Billing Statements, click on the date drop-down to choose which billing statement you would like to see. Then click "Download" to view, print, or save a PDF of that bill.

You can view bills issued in the last 12-18 months online, depending on your location. If you need a bill issued prior to that, chat with us to request a printed version.

You will see your current balance due or your most recent payment, depending on what type of account you have, as soon as you sign in to the app.

screenshot from the app of home screen for postpaid internet account

If your home screen looks like this, you can pay your bill, view your bill, or enroll in AutoPay.

screenshot from the app of home screen for a prepaid account

If your home screen looks like this, you have a Prepaid account, and you can view your statements or history.

Can't find your bill after you sign in?

Have you canceled or changed your Brightspeed service recently? These are the most common reasons your bill would not appear when you log in to your account.

Account closed/canceled service

If you cancel your Brightspeed service, your access to billing online will end on the date the service is disconnected. You will receive your final bill by mail.

Account number change

Your bill is tied to your account number, and some types of account activity can cause your account number to change, including:

  • You moved to a new service address.

  • Your account was disconnected and then reconnected, either voluntarily or because of non-payment.

  • The owner (or "responsible party") on the account was changed by request. This includes legal name changes, such as when a person gets married.

If your account number has changed, you'll need to add the new account to My Brightspeed in order to view and pay your bill.

If the account changes listed above don't apply to you, but you still aren't able to see your bill when you log in, it could be due to system maintenance. This sometimes occurs late at night and on weekends. We apologize for the inconvenience and suggest that you try checking back a short time later. Most updates are complete within a few hours.

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