Find your Brightspeed account number

There are several places you can find your account number — on your bill, on My Brightspeed, and in the welcome letter or order confirmation we sent you when you ordered service.

Have it sent to your email

You can request an email with your Brightspeed account number. We can only send it to the email address listed on your account for your security. If you don't have access to that mailbox, there are other locations where you can discover your account number, which are listed below.

Look for it on your bill

Your account number may be found at the top of each page of your monthly statement, whether it's the paper version you receive in the mail or the online version you access through My Brightspeed.

Find it on My Brightspeed

Your My Brightspeed online account has your account number. You can find it in the upper right-hand corner of every page by just logging in.

Verify your order documentation

Your account number can be found on two additional printed documents in addition to your bill.


  1. Welcome letter. If your first bill hasn't arrived yet. The Welcome Letter we issued you when you signed up for service contains your account number. In this letter, search for "Account Number" or "Reference Number.

  2. Order confirmation. You will also get an order confirmation each time you begin or modify your service. This will display your account number and details about the items you ordered. Check your email inbox if you don't recall receiving anything from us in the mail because we typically send you the confirmation document through email as well..

What is a billing telephone number (BTN) or a billing account number (BAN)?

You might have noticed that we occasionally use the phrase "billing telephone number (BTN)" in our correspondence. This could be perplexing if all you have is Brightspeed internet access as the BTN isn't a regular phone number you can dial. It is merely the phone number connected to your internet line. The BTN will be the same as your working phone number if you have home phone service.


In essence, BTN and the term "billing account number" (BAN) are all interchangeable and serve as the account number linked to your Brightspeed service.

What time do I need my account number?

You may need to use your account number to: 

  • Use the online service troubleshooter to test your internet service
  • Request changes to your service by phone
  • Give to the agent if you call in with any service or repair requests
  • Make a payment online or through the automated phone system

If you still can't find your account number, or have other questions, contact us. We're here to help!

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