Learn about Directory Assistance

If you need help finding a phone number, call Directory Assistance (411) from anywhere in the U.S.

When you call, you'll hear a recording that asks the for the city and information you're requesting. You can request up to two numbers per call.

A live operator will receive your request from the automated system and present their findings. Your call will then be completed either by an automated system or a live operator. You can request a live operator through the automated platform by saying "operator."

Directory Assistance charges

Depending on your area, rates may vary from $2.00 to $8.00 per call.

Directory Assistance is billed on a per-call basis. Directory Assistance calls are subject to the charges regardless of the results. For example, if the number is not available because it is a non-published listing, you will still be charged for the call to Directory Assistance.

You can learn more about non-published and private listings and how to change your listing in the phone book.

Directory Assistance charge exemption

Customers who are vision- or mobility-impaired may qualify for exemption from Directory Assistance charges. Please download and complete the form below and return it to the address provided. 


Learn more about solutions for customers with disabilities.

Directory Assistance Exemption Form


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