Why am I seeing this?

You are here because you encountered a warning page when you attempted to visit a website. There are two possible scenarios:

1. The site you're trying to visit has been flagged as "risky."

2. The site you're trying to visit is a botnet domain.

Note: Safe websites can sometimes appear to be risky. For instance, brand-new websites or sites that do not have sufficient SSL encryption can be flagged as potentially harmful. A website that has been identified as risky can later gain “trusted” status.

McAfee security uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify dangerous websites. The AI monitors ALL websites for malicious or risky factors, such as a hack, a botnet attack, no encryption, and other indicators. When dangerous information is found, the site is flagged as risky. Sites are NOT flagged for their specific content, subject matter, or ownership.

Warning for sites flagged as "risky"

You receive this warning when a site has been identified by McAfee technology as posing a risk to your security.

To stay safe, we recommend you do not visit the website and instead choose one of these options:

  1. Click the yellow "Return to safety" button
  2. Click the browser "Back" button
  3. Navigate to a new destination
  4. Close your browser

Although risky and not recommended, you may choose to ignore the warning and click the white "Continue anyway" button to continue to the suspected site. If you do not see "Continue anyway" it's because the site has been attacked. See the information below.

Another option is to check the box to "Permanently trust this website" if you know it's a safe site. Checking this box will save the site as safe on any device that connects to your modem so you won't receive the warning in the future.

Warning for attacked sites

If you see a warning screen without a “Continue anyway” button, it means the site you attempted to visit is a botnet domain.

A botnet domain tries to gain access to your device, potentially exposing your private data  or using your device as part of a larger internet attack.

Your McAfee modem security identifies these domains and prevents you from visiting them, protecting all devices on your network from the botnet attack.

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