Secure WiFi support

Secure WiFi: Smart security, built right in

Secure WiFi protects your home network and all the devices connected to it from online threats, right from your modem.


Secure WiFi provides automatic protection against online threats for all of the devices connected to your home WiFi network (including those without a display). It also gives you more control over the devices in your home.


* Secure WiFi is available on certain compatible modems leased from Brightspeed.

Security and control for today's connected home

Many of the smart devices in our homes aren't designed with security in mind. Anything that connects to the internet also connects you to online threats. A virus can infect your entire network through any unprotected device. That's why Secure WiFi is so important.

With security built right into the modem, Secure WiFi protects your entire home network. The Secure WiFi included on select Brightspeed modems is powered by McAfee using cloud-based technology that keeps the program constantly up-to-date, meaning you don't have to give it a second thought. 

Control the devices in your home

Secure WiFi not only gives you peace of mind with automatic security against online threats, but it also gives you more control over the devices in your home. With Secure WiFi, you can view and manage the devices on your network. Features include creating groups, pausing individual devices or groups, and parental content controls.


All of the features are most easily managed using the Brightspeed Internet app.

How do I get Secure WiFi?

Secure WiFi is built right into certain leased Brightspeed modems: C1100, C3000, and C4000 models.

Note: On modems with Secure WiFi enabled, some advanced features in the modem settings will be disabled. Instead, you can easily access these network controls through My Brightspeed or the app.


  • Website blocking
  • Access scheduling
  • Service blocking

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