Setup and activation instructions for Connected Voice Professional

Connected Voice Professional is the phone solution built for your small business. Use this start-up guide to get up and running.

Up to 20 individuals can use Connected Voice Professional, which comes with up to three phone numbers. It's the voice solution that small company customers prefer the most due to its security and versatility.

List of Included

Verify that you have all the necessary equipment:

  • Polycom business phone
  • Power adapter cord
  • Network cable
  • Base stand
  • Installation guide
  • 911 sticker

Setup instructions for Connected Voice Professional

Only phones that are connected to your internet connection will support Connected Voice. Connected Voice will not function with any phones that are hooked into a normal phone jack.


Once connected to your CenturyLink internet service, the Connected Voice Polycom phone will instantly self-configure. The phone only needs to be plugged in and then you just need to connect the cords in the following four steps:

  1. Connect the handset to the phone base 

  2. Connect the network cable
    Connect the network cable to the phone's network port at the bottom. The active Ethernet port on the back of your modem or an Ethernet wall jack should be connected to the other end of the wire.

  3. Plug in the phone
    The power adaptor cord should be attached to the phone's base and plugged into a wall socket. Watch for the lights to start to illuminate on the phone's display.

  4. Self-configure 
    Simply wait till your Connected Voice phone's automatic setup is finished. It is ready to use once you hear the dial tone.
image of the Connected Voice phone

Important Information: It may take up to 15 minutes to complete the configuration. When any of the lights are flashing during this initial boot up and configuration process, do not unplug or restart the phone. This can result in a malfunction.

Find your phone number

You can find your Connected Voice phone number in two different ways:


  1. Make a call from the Connected Voice phone to a number with caller ID
  2. Sign in to your account

Remember to use a battery backup

Without a battery backup, your Connected Voice service will not function during a power outage. Learn more about battery backups.

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