Troubleshooting payment problems

If you're trying to pay an invoice, but things aren't going as smoothly as you'd expect, maybe one of these answers can help.

ProblemShort answerExplanation
Not seeing Pay or Invoices optionLikely you need different permissionsIf you're in Control Center, but cannot see the Billing tab, you probably don't have read or write billing permissions. Contact your Control Center system administrator and ask about getting your permissions changed.
Not seeing all accounts listedNot all accounts can be paid electronicallyIf you're not seeing all your accounts listed, it could be that the missing ones can't be paid electronically. For instance, equipment (CPE) and Metro Ethernet accounts cannot be paid online. Some local service accounts (CLA) cannot be paid using AutoPay. Only accounts that can be paid online are displayed. You may also not have permission to view all your organization's accounts.
Incorrect charge (too small)Small charge is a way to validate new credit and debit cardsIf you made a credit card payment, but only see a $1 charge on your card, don't worry. Everything's correct. The $1 charge is our way of validating new credit and debit cards. The $1 charge will be refunded and the correct amount debited.
Payment hasn't postedSystem needs more time to process billing dataIf your payment hasn't posted to your account, give it a bit more time. It can take up to five business days for a payment to be authorized and posted to your Lumen account.
Not receiving notification emailsYour contact or alert settings may need adjustingIf you haven't received a notification email, make sure that your contact information and notification settings are correct.
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