Saving a view of services

Instead of applying the same filters and search criteria every time you view services for your organization, you can save the view to easily access it again. For example, you can save a view to see services in a particular location or billed on a certain billing account number. You can edit the view later or delete it if you no longer need it.

To save a view of services:

  1. Click Services, then click Network, Security, and Communications.

    Control Center shows a list of all services assigned to the billing accounts under the enterprise ID.
Network, Security, and Communications
  1. Use the search field, filters, and advanced filters () to customize the list of orders you want to see. (Learn more about searching for, sorting, and filtering services.)
  1. Click Save As View.
  1. Type a name for the view.
  1. To make this the default view when you view this page, click the Default checkbox.
  1. Click Save.

    Control Center saves the view.
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