Manage saved payment methods

Learn how to save and update payment information for one-time payments or for AutoPay.

Sign in to My Brightspeed, then select Billing from the top menu.

My CenturyLink top menu - Billing

The Billing page will look different depending on whether or not you have a Prepaid internet-only account. Choose the image that looks more like yours, and click on the link to see the correct instructions.

If you see "Payment Preference" on your Billing page, you have a Prepaid account.

My Bill - prepaid account

If you see "Billing Preferences," you do NOT have a prepaid account.

Manage payment preference (Prepaid)

Under Payment Preference, select "Manage Payment Method."

Image showing Manage Payment Method

From here, you can view the credit/debit card that you have on file for your account and make updates if needed. Prepaid customers must use a debit or credit card, rather than a bank account.

Click on the "Update My Payment Method" button

Image of Update My Payment Method button

Enter a new debit or credit card and save.

Update Payment Method Prepaid image

Manage billing preferences

Under Billing Preferences, you can update AutoPay information or save payment methods to pay your bill manually each month.

Update AutoPay payment method

You will see the option to "Update your AutoPay payment source." If you are not signed up for AutoPay, you can enroll from here.

My CenturyLink billing preferences update AutoPay

Update saved payment methods

If you like to pay your bill each month, you can securely save payment methods to make this easier. Look for "Add or Update Saved Payment Method" and select "Update."

You can find these same payment options on the Settings page.

My CenturyLink billing preferences saved payment methods

On the saved payment methods screen, you'll see any information you've saved in the past. You can delete or update any payment methods you have on file. This is also where you go to update the expiration date for a credit card. Or, add a new payment method, choosing from the bank account or credit/debit card options. 

Manage Saved Payment Methods image

Use a saved payment method to pay your bill

Once a payment method is saved in your account, it will appear as an option anytime you sign in to pay your bill online. Simply click the "Method of Payment" drop-down menu and select the one you wish to use.

For your security, you can only use saved payment methods when you are signed in to My Brightspeed. This means you cannot access them from Quick Bill Pay, which is a different site that allows you to make quick one-time payments without signing in. 

Saved Payment Methods image

After you sign in to the app, you'll have two options depending on what type of account you have.

If your home screen looks like this, you have a Prepaid account. You can update your saved payment method for future automatic payments.

app screenshot of prepaid home screen

If your home screen looks like this, you must pay your bill yourself every month or set up AutoPay to do it for you. You can add or update saved payment methods.

app screenshot of postpaid home screen

Update payment method (Prepaid)

Access your saved payment method for your prepaid account in two ways:

  1. Click on the account number from the home screen
  2. Or, click on the My Bill option from any screen. 

From the Payment Method screen, click on Update My Payment Method.

app screenshot Update Payment Method (Prepaid)

Your saved payment account details will appear. You can update the expiration date on a credit/debit card, or replace your current payment method with a different card or bank account.

app screenshot update payment account

Update saved payment methods

Access your billing and payment preferences from My Settings. Click on Manage Saved Payment Methods.

app screenshot Billing and Payment Preferences

Add a bank account or a credit/debit card to your saved wallet. Click the method you want and follow the instructions to add the account information. You can come back to the Manage Saved Payment Methods screen if you want to choose a different method.

app screenshot manage saved payments

Did you know? You can also use your saved payment methods to pay your bill by phone using our automated system.

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