Fiber equipment and modem FAQs

Learn about the hardware you need to enjoy your Brightspeed Fiber connection throughout your home or small business.

The modem is the device that connects your home or small business to the internet. It receives signals from the internet provider (that's us!) and translates them into data that all the devices on your network can understand. 

Note that some models combine modem, router and WiFi capabilities in a single unit, typically for fiber installations.

If you have a Brightspeed modem, you will have one of these:

Calix u6 WiFi Router (Fiber)

C3000A or Z WiFi (Modem + Router)

C3510XZ WiFi (Modem + Router)

To use WiFi, you will also need a wireless router.

The router creates your wireless (WiFi) connection, and connects your devices to each other for things like smart home applications. The router shares the internet connection to all devices as they need it, and "routes" data back and forth between devices. In addition, routers usually offer firewalls and other security controls to help prevent malware and other baddies from getting into your home network.

If you are using one of the Brightspeed modems listed in the previous section, it will also serve as a router to provide your wireless connection. 

Yes. However, Brightspeed modems are designed to pair with Brightspeed Fiber service. When new service is installed, the technician will bring a fiber-ready modem. Each Brightspeed modem is optimized to deliver the fiber connection into your home, and comes with remote network support from our customer success team.

Note that newer Fiber installations include the Calix WiFi router and mesh WiFi extenders for no additional charge.

Learn more about providing your own router or WiFi equipment.

Yes, you can choose to provide your own WiFi router if it meets these specifications:

  • Maximum bandwidth capability at least equal to your purchased internet speed
  • 1 Gbps Ethernet WAN port
  • DHCP to obtain WAN IP Address
  • The same or newer WiFi technology as your connected devices (802.11ac or 802.11ax with at least 2x2 wireless radios)
  • Accurate auto-channel selection
  • Firewall support (recommended)

It's important to know that by using your own router, you won't get the benefits you get from using a Brightspeed modem:

  • Built-in security features such as malware protection, antivirus, and content protection
  • Technical support and troubleshooting help from our Fiber Customer Success Team

Restarting your modem/router (gateway) is often the first step when troubleshooting connection problems. Depending on your device, there are different ways you can restart the modem: start by simply unplugging it for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in. For users with Calix u6 router, here are a few options:

  • To reboot the router and keep your settings, remove power from the Calix u6 for 10 seconds, then reapply power. Then press the RESET button on the Calix u6 for less than 3 seconds.
  • To reset the system back to factory settings you can press the RESET button on the back of the Calix u6 for at least 10 seconds for a factory re-set, but only take this step if your service provider requests that you do this. You will lose internet service. For users with Calix u4m mesh node, here are a few options:
  • To reset the Calix u4 WiFi mesh without having to unplug the unit, press the small red button on the side for less than 10 seconds. This will cause a reset but will maintain the current configuration settings.
  • To reset the Calix u4 WiFi mesh back to factory settings, press the RESET button on the side of the unit for at least 10 second.

See your modem a router specifications for a guide to status lights.

Yes, you can use a WiFi extender or mesh system if it's labeled as compliant with IEEE 802.11ax industry standards, which would be compatible with the Brightspeed modem. These can be used to extend wireless coverage within your home or office.

For users with Calix u6 routers, compatible u4 Wi-Fi mesh extenders are included with the service for no additional charge.

If you make certain service changes, including canceling or upgrading, you will need to return any leased equipment to Brightspeed within 30 days. 

Please start the process on our returns page. Follow the instructions to get a return label and pack up your equipment so that everything arrives safe and sound.

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