How to customize your modem's admin username and password

The purpose of the administrator password  is to bar outsiders from accessing your modem and, as a result your home network settings. If you opt for a customized admin password, be sure to keep it in a safe place. Doing so will prevent you from having to reset the modem, in case you forget it. In that case, you will have to use the default credentials printed on the sticker to log back into your modem.

modem label - admin username and password

CAUTION! Do not remove or lose your modem sticker, which includes your default admin username and password. These preset credentials cannot be retrieved, and your modem could become unusable without them. 

5. Select "Administrator Password" under the Security section in the left sidebar. 

Set Administrator Password Step 5

6. Follow the steps to edit the Administrator Password.

  • Step 1:  Enable the username and password.

  • Step 2:  Enter your chosen admin username and password. Type the password in again to confirm.

  • Step 3:  Click "Apply" to save your changes.
Set Administrator Password Step 6

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