How to return a Brightspeed modem

If you need to return a modem to Brightspeed, it is important to follow the packing and shipping instructions below, to ensure your package is processed correctly and avoid any unreturned modem fees. 

Select the button to start the return label process. On the UPS site, click "Continue as Guest" and then follow the instructions to get your return label.

In addition, see a few special notes that apply if you are canceling service, returning a faulty modem, or have connected service with a self-provided modem

Important note: If you are canceling service and you lease your modem, or if you are ordering a replacement Brightspeed modem, you must return your current modem within 30 days to avoid equipment charges of up to $200.

Options for Return Labels

You have two choices for return labels after entering your name and address on the Brightspeed returns website. Lacking a printer? Not an issue. There are choices available that don't involve printing  


  • Print and email your return label: You will receive the label as a PDF through email, where you can print it now or at a later time. Even better, you may take that email to a UPS Store and ask them to have it printed for you.
  • Request a QR code: You will receive a digital code that you can present along with your boxed modem at a UPS Store. After printing your return label and scanning your barcode, the store employee will ship your goods.

Packing and shipping instructions

Next, carefully follow these instructions to make sure your cargo arrives securely and is handled correctly. This will help you avoid equipment charges for items that aren't returned.  


  1. Gather your modem/router and all cords that were supplied by Brightspeed. Also include any wireless accessories that you received from Brightspeed.

  2. Pack these items in a rigid box with flaps intact. Use cushioning material to make sure the equipment stays in place and is well padded. 

  3. Close the box with strong tape designed for shipping.

  4. Cover or remove previous shipping labels on the outside of the box.

  5. Fold the printed label at the solid line. Attach it to a single side of the box in a clear shipping pouch or covering the entire label with clear shipping tape.

  6. Drop the box off at any authorized UPS Shipping Center location near you.

You may be wondering why we can't just give you the return address. The reason for this is that without the appropriate UPS return label, the package cannot be tracked or properly associated with your account.

Special instructions

If you lease your modem

If you lease your modem from Brightspeed, you must return the modem within 30 days from the date you cancel your service. If you do not, you will be responsible for the full retail cost of the equipment.

If you purchased your modem

If you cancel service within 30 days of starting new service, you can be refunded for a purchased modem. The modem must be in new, working condition, and we must receive the returned modem within 30 days after the date you cancel service.

If you have had Brightspeed service for more than 30 days and you purchased your modem, we invite you to return the modem, at no cost to you, and we'll be happy to recycle it.

If you recently subscribed to internet service and opted to use a non-Brightspeed modem to connect, you can return the Brightspeed-provided modem. We strongly recommend that you complete set-up and installation to verify that your own modem works with our network before sending the Brightspeed modem back to us.

Be sure the modem is in new, working condition, and follow the packing and shipping instructions.

If you leased the Brightspeed modem


You may return a Brighstpeed modem leased to you. Once Brightspeed receives the returned modem, your lease will be canceled. If you do not see the lease cancellation take effect after 30 days, please chat with us.

If you purchased the Brightspeed modem


You may return a Brightspeed modem that you purchased if you are requesting the return within 30 days of purchase. A credit will be issued once we receive the returned modem. After sending the modem back, if you do not see the appropriate credit on your bill after 30 days, please chat with us

If you believe your modem is faulty and needs to be replaced, contact technical support first to confirm that your equipment needs to be replaced. Our team will help you determine if your modem can be repaired. 

If your modem is under warranty or leased


If you are confirmed for a replacement, the cost of a replacement will be covered in any these cases:

  • you lease your modem; OR
  • you purchased your modem and are still under the standard 12-month warranty; OR
  • you purchased your modem with @Ease protection.

We can send your new modem immediately, or you can send us the old modem before we ship the new one. Your customer service agent can help you decide.

Important: You must return the old modem within 30 days of receiving a replacement to avoid being charged the full retail cost of the modem. 

If your modem is no longer under warranty

If your warranty has expired, our technicians can still help you troubleshoot the problem and confirm whether you need a new modem. Your agent can tell you how to get the best price on a new modem with any available promotions, and help you decide whether to lease or purchase. Chat with our customer service team to get started.

Not sure what to do with your old modem? Send it back and we would be happy to recycle it for you.

Modem recycling program

Did you know that less than 20% of discarded electronics were recycled worldwide in 2019? We are doing our part to keep e-waste out of landfills, but we can't do it without you! Please follow the return instructions above and the link below to ship your old Brightspeed modem* back to us, and we will refurbish or recycle it — at no cost to you. Thank you for your partnership in this important initiative. 

* Please check for a Brightspeed sticker or logo on the modem before returning, to ensure it is a Brightspeed modem. Note that if your modem is still under warranty or leased and you need a replacement, you need to contact our support team to order a new one before returning your current modem.

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