Install your modem using QuickConnect

Please read our detailed installation instructions, which cover everything from modem placement to whether filters are required, before completing the steps below. Ensure that an Ethernet cable is being used to connect your computer to the modem and that the modem is hooked into a wall port.


After plugging it in, wait 15 minutes for the modem to install updated software. Then, open any browser on your computer and go to (not "https"). 

C4000 modem front view
Technicolor C1100T modem

All modems welcome here!

The QuickConnect steps below will look and work the same, no matter which model of modem you have. 

1. When you go to, you will see a welcome screen like this. You can choose the English or Espanol version at the top. Then click "Next" to start the setup process. Note: Be sure to use "http" and NOT "https" when you enter the URL.

Quick Connect welcome screen

2. In most cases, your identity will be verified automatically. If the system can't do this, you will be asked for additional information.

If the automatic verification isn't successful, you will be prompted to enter the account number shown on your bill or order confirmation email from Brightspeed. Enter that number and your billing zip code, then click "Continue."

QuickConnect step 2a

If you’d like to confirm your identify in another way, select "Rather try something else?" Choose from the list of options, then enter that information on the next screen and click "Continue."

Quick Connect step 3

Quick Connect step 4

3. Read the High-Speed Internet Subscriber Agreement, then click "I accept." You can also download a PDF of this agreement to save a copy for your records before clicking "Next."

Quick Connect step 5

4. Wait as the modem is configured to connect to the Brightspeed network. Do not close your browser window while this is in progress.

Quick Connect step 6

If the system is unable to configure your modem automatically, you will be guided to do this manually through the modem's online settings portal. You will see this screen, asking which modem you have. Choose the correct option and click "Next."

QuickConnect Config

The next screen will give you the link and information you need to go into the modem's online settings portal and run Quick Setup:

  1. Keeping your QuickConnect window open, go ahead and open a new browser window or tab. Type "" into the address bar, then hit enter. 
  2. Log in using the Administrator Username and Password printed on the sticker label on the bottom or side of your modem. 
  3. Click on "Quick Setup" then enter the PPP username and password shown to you on the QuickConnect screen, as seen in the sample below. Click "Apply."
  4. Wait for setup to complete and for the Ethernet, DSL and Internet lights to turn green on your modem (or the single light ring to turn green, if you have a C4000 model).
  5. Go back to the QuickConnect tab in your browser and click "Next."
Quick Connect config 2

5. You will be given the option to turn on the modem's wireless router, so that you can connect multiple devices to your own WiFi network. Most customers will want to do this. Select "Yes, activate wireless" (or "No" if you don't want WiFi turned on; you can change this later in your modem settings if you choose.) Click "Next."

Quick Connect step 7

6. You will be shown the default wireless settings for your modem/router. They will look similar to the sample shown below. You can choose to keep the default network name (SSID) and password (security key), or to customize them. For security, we recommend changing these to something that will be easy for you to remember, but impossible for others to guess. 

Quick Connect step 8

7. You can decide if you'd like detailed instructions on connecting your devices to your modem through WiFi. Click "Yes" or "No," then click "Next." If you chose yes, then on the next screen select which kind of device(s) you want to connect. When you are finished with this step, click "Next."

Quick Connect step 9

8. The email address or mobile phone number to which you want these communications sent can then be entered. These may be different from the contact details listed on your account for your convenience.


You can then enter the email address and/or mobile phone number you'd like these communications to be sent to. For your convenience, these can be different from the contact information associated with your account.

Quick Connect step 11

9. On this next screen, we strongly recommend you save a record of your key account information. Once you're finished, click "Next."

Quick Connect step 12

10. The basic installation is now complete, and you can get online. You can exit the installation process now, or continue on to some additional services. This will not impact your internet service. Choose "Yes" or "No," then click "Continue."


At this point, you can also check your modem's status lights to confirm that the installation is complete.

Quick Connect step 13

Check your modem's status lights to confirm installation

The front and/or back LEDs of your modem will inform you of its connection status as you complete the installation process. To get a description of the status lights on your modem, click on the appropriate area below for your model.

Main status light – All C4000 models

This model has a single status light ring on the front, which will change color as it goes through the initial installation process. Once the power cord is plugged into the back of the modem, the bootup sequence will begin. Below are the status light behaviors you'll see when the modem is booting up.

C4000 Status Light

LIGHT COLOR - Boot-up status

SOLID RED Boot-up test is in progress (on first use) - Wait 5 minutes while the modem boots up

BLINKING RED - Boot-up test (hardware test) failed - Reboot your modem, then try setup again

BLINKING BLUE Looking for the Brightspeed network - Be patient while this process completes 

SOLID BLUE Device is ready for use

SOLID AMBER End user agreement incomplete - Go to or the My CenturyLink app and click "I accept"

SOLID GREEN Device is connected to the network - Now you can get online!

SOLID RED - A service or connection failure occurred Call or chat to get further troubleshooting help from a service agent

DSL status light - C4000LG model only

In addition to the main LED display, the C4000LG model has a DSL status light, found beneath the ports on the back side, as seen in the photo.

C4000LG Ports

LIGHT COLOR - DSL internet connection status

BLINKING GREEN Attempting to sync with Brightspeed network - Wait while syncing completes

SOLID GREEN The modem is connected to the network - Now you can get online!

SOLID RED No active DSL signal is detected or the modem is not connected to the CenturyLink network - Try rebooting the modem and repeating the setup process; if it is still red, call or chat for further troubleshooting help

OFF Nothing is connected to the DSL port - Check to make sure all your cords are firmly plugged in to the wall jack and the DSL port on the modem

For full instructions on how to read the single status light on the C4000 modem, visit our detailed guide.

If you have any other model, including Actiontec, Technicolor, Zyxel and others, follow the guide below. Your modem may look different from the one pictured, but the lights will function in the same way.

Look at the row of status lights on the back of your modem. What color is the INTERNET light?



You're finished!


If your internet light is green, you are connected to the internet. Now you can get online!



You need to finish your setup


If your internet light is amber/orange, the setup process is not yet complete. Usually this means you still need to accept the user agreement. Use the Brightspeed Internet app or browse to to finish setup as shown in step 3 above.

Have questions about the other lights on your modem? Visit our detailed guide on how to read the lights on your modem to troubleshoot your internet connection.

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