How to restore your modem settings

The "Configuration Save" utility in your modem's user interface allows you to save and restore your custom modem settings. If you previously saved your settings in a file on your computer using this tool, here's how to restore those settings to your modem.

NOTE:  Depending on your model, your modem's user interface may appear slightly different from the images below.

5.  Select "Configuration Save" in the left sidebar menu.

Restore settings, step 5

6.  Select "Upload File."

Restore settings, step 6

7.  Select "Choose File," then browse to the folder location on your computer where you previously saved the file.

Restore settings, step 7

 8.  Locate the backup file you saved earlier and select "Open." (In the example image, the file is named "model#-Config-date")

Restore settings, step 8

9.  Select "Apply." Wait 3-5 minutes for the modem's internet light to turn green, then open a browser and visit a webpage. If the internet light doesn't turn green, visit the modem lights guide for solutions.

Restore settings, step 9

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