Control Center: Admin tab

With Control Center, you can manage your organization's users, permissions, and accounts. Create users, assign permissions and accounts, manage two-factor authentication, etc. To help you manage everything, you can even create additional system administrators—there's no limit on the number of administrators you can have. If you're not a Control Center system administrator, learn how to find your system administrator to get what you need.

Accounts and enterprise IDs

As a system administrator, you can also manage the accounts on your enterprise ID and which users at your organization can access and manage those accounts. You can also work with your Brightspeed representative to manage which accounts appear on which enterprise ID, consolidate enterprise IDs, or split accounts off onto an new enterprise ID:

Notification settings

As a Control Center system administrator, you can create and manage notification settings for Control Center users in your organization and even create email notifications for people who don't have access to Control Center:

Users and permissions

As a Control Center system administrator, you can manage users and their permissions for your organization. When you create a new user, they'll receive emails with their username, login instructions, and a temporary password. If a user's job duties change, you can update their profile to change the features they can access in Control Center. You can also make additional system administrators (who have access to everything under your enterprise ID and can make changes to users on your behalf if you're unavailable):

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